We would love to have you worship with us!

Sundays at 10:45am

Sunday morning is the primary place that the community Washington Central Church comes to worship God together. Our Sunday morning services seeks to provide an opportunity to worship for all people, whether they are members, people who may not have a church home, or people that are simply seeking what Christ has to offer.

Sunday morning worship features Spirit-led worship with hymns and special music led by the Chancel Choir. There is a weekly children’s moment and children’s church as well. Complimentary doughnuts, coffee and tea are available in the Welcome Center.

Can’t make it to church?

That's okay! Join us online with our online community! We livestream on our Facebook page.


Sunday School is a place for you to connect, belong, and grow in a relationship with God and with the community. We've love to help you join a Sunday School class! We meet every Sunday morning at 9:45am at the church. All are welcome to join.


But what do I wear?!

We believe that you being here is more important than what you wear. We have people in their Sunday best, business casual, and others wearing jeans or shorts. We want you to feel comfortable and we will welcome you no matter what you wear.